'Dream Roses XI's'

'Dream Roses XI's'

Post by grah.. » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 19:29:18

        Sorry about my earlier faux pas, ie, the empty posting.

>How could you have missed Sir. Geoff Boycott from the Yorkshire XI, for all
>his technical soundness and grimness ?!?!
>Good choices, Graham, but one glaring omission. Was it accidental
>or deliberate that there's no Boycott? I would have thought he should
>go in instead of Mitchell. Oh, and you might get somes comments from
>certain quarters about leaving Wasim Akram out of the Lancashire side
>Where's Sir Geofrey?

      How unthinking of me. How could I possibly leave him out of the 'dour'
XI? I still would not have him in the dream team, but would have Sutcliffe
step down from the dour XI for him. Hutton, Sutcliffe and Boycott were are
openers by inclination. hence my choosing only two of them. This accounts for
the choice of Mitchell.

>>certain quarters about leaving Wasim Akram out of the Lancashire side
>***, don't, or else we get them dour Yorkshiremen
>Tendulkar and Ritchie Richardson.

        Wasim was a possible, but as explained the XI's reflect my own
preferences rather than simply being the strongest possible. I would still
have Cecil Parkin, who was something of a character - always likely to do
something out of the ordinary. By this criteria he would struggle to keep his
place in a dour XI, but so would Wasim.

        BTW Cecil Parkin played for both counties. He had a game for Yorkshire
before a scare went up that he was not in fact born in 'The Broad Acres'. An
investigation of the circumstances of his birth (shades of Oscar Wilde!) could
not decide the matter. Appearently it all depended upon which bedroom of the
house he had been born in. The House was built over an underground stream that
was the county boundary. Nothing could be decided for certain so Yorkshire,
being so meticulous in these things, released him. Lancashire, traditionally
not fussy about such matters, signed him instead.

                                        Graham Rose
                                        Sheffield, UK.