Comparing Aussie & Indian batting line-up

Comparing Aussie & Indian batting line-up

Post by Surma Bhopa » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 07:54:06

Chopra Sehwag Dravid Sachin Ganguly - Laxman
cautious flamboyant stubborn versatile flexible - classy

Hayden Langer Ponting Martyn Waugh Katich - Gilchrist
versatile cautious flamboyant flexible flexible - ?? -

Though the composition appears more or less evenly matched (a little
adv to Aus for having an extra specialist batsman), of late every
Aussie bat is tending to follow Gilchrist/Hayden style. This is
perhaps the reason for their collapse in the 2nd innings. India OTOH
played as per every individual's style. Australia's dominating
flamboyance in the 1st innings got them 550+ total in a record time,
but they tried to repeat the same thing in the 2nd innings where the
situation was different. This led to a terrible collapse as the
Indians had their basics right when fielding. India nullified the
Aussie first innings flamboyance by the *** of stubborn-classy
combo. In 2nd innings, despite the reverse pressure of achieving low
target (plus the pressure of being overwhelmed by the possible
outcome), Indians tried to bat the way every individual usually does.
The stubbornness dominated again and with the aid of a bit of
flamboyance from few others achieved the target.

To sum up, the Aussies need to find a better composition/approach
while batting. This test has shown why balance is so important in test
cricket. India's composition/approach appears okay assuming
Chopra/Sehwag to be consolidating on what they have done so far. There
is a rider though that they still need to find a batsman in the
wicket-keeper. If they can't do this, they are going to fall short in
this competitive era.