Second day at Lords

Second day at Lords

Post by SAIRAJU TALLAVARJU » Sat, 19 Jun 1993 23:54:07

        Today Mark Waugh and David Boon started rather cautiously,
        adding only 2 runs in four overs. But soon they began playing
        strokes. Both had some difficulties with Lewis, and in
        one over Caddidk (sp?) bowled a slow ball which beat Waugh
        completely. However the 50 partnership came soon. Waugh
        played some delightful strokes and raced past Boon to bring the
        100 partnership for the 3rd. wicket. At Lunch the visitors
        were comfortably placed at 398/2. After lunch, England had
        lapses in the field. (What a bad Patch!!!) Finally Waugh was
        bowled at 99. He never scored a hundred against England.
        English bowling lacked conviction.

        Listened to BBC commenetary, and most thrilling time. It
        felt like the old days are here all over again.

        Some one said (on rsc) England did not win at Lords
        against Australia since 1934. But today I heard that
        Australia, actually, did not do too well at Lords
        recently (meaning lost :-) Which is correct?

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Second day at Lords

Post by R.. » Sun, 20 Jun 1993 03:04:34

Mark Waugh has scored a hundred against England , infact his first at
Adelaide, 1990-91.
 & regarding your statement that Aussies haven't done well at Lords
recently, let me point out that in the last two series they have won
both th tests at Lords: 1985 & 1989.