Interesting Test Series 74-75. India vs WI

Interesting Test Series 74-75. India vs WI

Post by R.Jayakrishn » Sat, 28 Apr 1990 08:04:33


> Both Richards and Greenidge made their debuts in this series. In fact, Venkat
> Bedi and a few others took pity (maybe a strong word) on Richards because he
> was so unused to their spin, and gave him some batting practice before the
> New Delhi Test. They lived to regret it 'cos he scored 197 (not out, I think),
> his maiden century.

    Well, Chandrashekhar did not play that test, I think. If I remember
  correctly, Richards never understood Chandra's googly in that series.
  I don't think he did so well in the last 3 tests.

> That team had some of the best players, in my
> opinion. Roy Fredericks was Greenidge's opening partner, Deryk Murray was the
> WK, Roberts, Julien, Kanhai, Holder and some others whom I can't remember
> right now.

> Ravi
> --

    Did Kanhai played in that series ?   He had retired from test cricket
  by that time. He did play in the 1975 world cup in England, though.
  BTW, you forgot Alvin Kallicharan and... Jesus-I-forgot-his-name,
  the first 300 wkt spinner.. Another big name was Lawrence Rowe, the
  opener who had showed so much promise earler on, but faded away later.
  Wasn't Keith Boyce also in that team ?

  J.K.        (Please, somebody tell me that bowler's name.)


Interesting Test Series 74-75. India vs WI

Post by NARAYANAN,SAMBASIV » Sat, 28 Apr 1990 09:40:30

The West Indian Off-Spinner to claim >300 Wkts - Lance Gibbs.

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