I played cricket with Imran Khan

I played cricket with Imran Khan

Post by Tippu Hass » Thu, 10 Feb 1994 07:22:02


>>I played cricket with Imran Khan... and that is not a lie.

>>           DS[Q]A


>>        "Innate charlatanism coupled with general dogmatic ignorance
>>has accentuated the intellectual, moral, and spiritual degradation of
>>the literate masses"               ------- D. Salman Azhar

>Are we supposed to be impressed with that ? Wow . Add that to the fact
>that Imran Khan is your brother's pal (which you like to advertise every
>now and then), we are really in awe of you :)

Did u post similar replies to the guys who said they played tennis or
whatever with tendulkar and kambli?????

You guys have developed a nack of getting on peoples nerves!

>              --- A very thrilled Slowmind
>P.S : note the smiley :)

Tippu badshah...and that goes for YOU too!