Shane Warne VS. Mushtaq Mohammad

Shane Warne VS. Mushtaq Mohammad

Post by Traviss Willc » Thu, 09 Feb 1995 03:17:54

> In a message of 08 Jan 95 Spaceman Spiff wrote to All:

>  SS> greg matthews got 10-250 or so in the tied test. i wouldn't call that a
>  SS> lot of success. i can't remember ray bright ever doing well vs india.

> I can't remember Ray Bright ever doing well.

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Ray Bright played 6 tests versus India

1985-86 Adelaide  44-15-80-1
1985-86 Melbourne 31-8-76-0  7-4-5-0            
1985-86 Sydney    41-7-121-0
1986-87 Madras    23-3-88-2  25-3-94-5
1986-87 Delhi     dnb
1986-87 Bombay    38-6-109-1

9 wickets at 63.66 his overall test bowling record finished with 53 wickets at 41.13




Shane Warne VS. Mushtaq Mohammad

Post by Traviss Willc » Thu, 09 Feb 1995 03:17:57


> You sure as hell don't get 10 wickets in a Test match (let alone 16)
> by sheer good luck. You most definitely have to bowl well. You're
> pitted against the best another nation has to offer, and unless you
> bowl well, there is no way you can be *that* successful. One of the
> closest things I've seen to being a fluke was Phil Tufnell's 7 wickets
> vs the West Indians in '91. He was almost served them up on a silver
> platter. But even that was far from being a fluky performance. Hell
> the English donated Shane Warne a significant proportion of his 20
> wickets in the first two recent Ashes Tests - doesn't take credit away
> from him for getting them.

> Cheers,

> Rohan

The Tufnell haul mentioned above was quite extraordinary, it was the 5th test
at the Oval 1991 and he had first innings figures of 14.3-3-25-6 (and second
innings figures of 46-6-150-1 !), he took the wickets in 33 balls. Lambert
miscued to cover, Marshall edged a cut to slip, Richards, Ambrose and Walsh
were out in one over to 'agricultural' shots and finally Paterson edged to
slip. There was no real reason for this rash of ***, WI were trying to
save the follow on !, although the ball was spinning a bit, it certainly
wasn't unplayable.