Mushtaq Challenges Warne for Supremacy

Mushtaq Challenges Warne for Supremacy

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SYDNEY (Dec 4, 1995 -  22:08 EST) - Australian leg-spinner  Shane
Warne  is facing  a new challenge  -- his  status as the ultimate
match-winner for any  cricket  test side   is under threat   from
Pakistan counterpart Mushtaq Ahmed.

Warne, Australia's most  prolific bowler in recent years,  earned
the man-of-the-series  award by capturing  19 Pakistan wickets as
Australia beat the tourists 2-1 in the three-test series.

But the bowler who revived the art of  leg-spin has found himself
challenged by  the dimunitive  Mushtaq,  whose nine-wicket  match
haul helped lift  Wasim Akram's side to  a 74-run victory in  the
third test on Monday.

His victims at  the   Sydney Cricket Ground included  Warne,  who
looked as confused and baffled as the other Australian batsmen by
Mushtaq's ability to disguise a delivery that spins back into the

Warne,  in  contrast,   can produce  sharper  turn  away   from a
right-hander with his standard  leg-break delivery in  an arsenal
further strengthened by his flipper -- a ball that quickens after
hitting the wicket but does not deviate in its line.

Warne, the  stockier and more  experienced  of the leg-spin pair,
eventually  lost his  wicket  for five  after lofting a  mistimed
drive to Saqlain Mushtaq at mid-off.

Mushtaq's man-of-the-match  performance, which took his tally for
the series to 18, earned glowing praise from Wasim, who bracketed
the right-arm spinner in the same class as Warne.

"They are definitely the best two spin bowlers I have seen during
my time in cricket," Wasim told reporters.

"They are very different bowlers but they are both very effective
-- Warne is much more consistent in his  line and accuracy, while
Mushtaq will try everything to get a wicket."

Both spinners achieved the sizeable  hauls despite not bowling in
every innings of the series -- but for different reasons.

Mushtaq was  overlooked  for  the first  test in   Brisbane,  won
convincingly by  Australia,  while Warne did   not bowl in either
Pakistan innings in  the second test in  Hobart, also  won by the
home side, after breaking his toe late on the first day.

Australia    captain  Mark   Taylor  said  Mushtaq   had improved
dramatically as a bowler during the series.

"This game he was in the same class as Warne," Taylor said.

"But if I had  to rank them, I'd  put Warne at number one because
of  longevity, he's always  been able to do  it  for four or five
years, while for Mushtaq this is the  first time I've seen him do

"He might prove me wrong...over the next  few years he's going to
be   very hard to score  runs  off," Taylor  told reporters after
Australia's defeat on the final day.

Mushtaq, who attributed some of the credit for his performance to
Warne's influence,  said  he is playing his   best cricket at the

"Shane is one  of the best  bowlers  in the world because  of one
thing: he  never  gives the   batsman a chance  to hit   the ball
because his line is very good and he is very consistent," Mushtaq
said in a post-match interview.

"I learned  one thing from him  -- I get a  bit e***d because I
have not  got great patience, but he  has great patience. So that
is what I tried to do," he said.

Warne  finished  the series  with 19  wickets for  198 runs at an
average  of  10.42, compared  with Mushtaq's  18 for  384 runs at

Warne has 195 wickets in 41 Tests while Mushtaq has 62 from 20.

The  figures   are enough  to  make   any  test batsman  nervous,
particularly as  both Warne and Mushtaq  are some years away from
what is regarded as a spin bowler's prime.

Warne is still only 26 while Mushtaq is one year younger.

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Mushtaq Challenges Warne for Supremacy

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ST>SYDNEY (Dec 4, 1995 -  22:08 EST) - Australian leg-spinner  Shane
ST>"This game he was in the same class as Warne," Taylor said.
ST>"But if I had  to rank them, I'd  put Warne at number one because
ST>of  longevity, he's always  been able to do  it  for four or five
ST>years, while for Mushtaq this is the  first time I've seen him do

This is the only match both played together in a spinner pitch, where
Mustaq showed a match winner than Warne, so who should be ther at the
top? Is it a mytery for taylor?
Then another thing Taylor didn't played him so he think Mustaq is only
of recent fame? May be he was in wilderness during the last three years?



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