Weekly FAQ - CricInfo via Email

Weekly FAQ - CricInfo via Email

Post by Cricket Info Serv » Tue, 22 Mar 1994 17:27:25

Date-stamped : 08 Mar94 - 14:25
Help File on The CricInfo MailServer: CricInfo via Email

The first CricInfo MailServer came on-line on Dec13th  1993.   It
checks  the  subject  line  of  incoming messages only.  Messages
are  then deleted here, but your message is returned to  you  ap-
pended onto the mailserver output.

Please  use  the  mailserver  interface to CricInfo *ONLY* if you
*HAVE* to because you are not  on  the internet  and *cannot* use
either gopher  or  irc   interfaces.   The  mailserver  interface
works  on  the  same principle as the irc Bot -the same file-name
matching is performed.

the Subject should be your request (e.g.,  Subject:  aus  eng  t6
1993). Do not put /msg cricinfo in the subject line :-)

You can put anything you like in the body of the message,  it  is
completely ignored.

Additional Commands:

1) whereis      - invaluable aid to finding files
Usage: Subject: Whereis aus eng 1993

2) lookup       - Lookup Player Stats.
Usage: Subject: lookup gower david

For other mail (submissions,  communications  to   the  managers)
please continue to mail us at :



You can also contact us at

for some more time but we would prefer if you used the new address.

Thanks. We hope you find CricInfo  useful  and   will  contribute
some time towards it

NOTE: The mailserver uses the "From :" field of incoming mail  in
order  to determine a reply address. Please ensure that mail sent
to this address from the USA *.edu domain will reach you.    This
is   a  particular  problem  for  *.uk  machines which are not on
the Inter- Net and rely on intermediate relays.   The  mailserver
normally will   respond within 90 secs or so. If you do not get a
reply within a couple of hours, this is either because the   net-
work  is completely  stuffed at that time (check with `ping` (ask
sysop if you don`t know what this is)), or because mail  sent  to
your   reply  address failed  to  reach you.  In the latter case,
try resending your request from a different  address;  preferably
an  address on a central  machine.
Mailserver written by CP
<END> The Management