ICC Probes Sri Lankan Spinner's Action, Newspapers Say

ICC Probes Sri Lankan Spinner's Action, Newspapers Say

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SYDNEY (Dec 5, 1995  - 18:50 EST) -  Match referee Graham Dowling
will meet Sri Lankan officials before Friday's first test against
Australia  to discuss  off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan's bowling
action, Australian newspapers said on Wednesday.

The International  Cricket   Council has  two   detailed files on
Muralitharan from match referees who were concerned by the nature
of the action which  generates more turn than other off-spinners,
according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph-Mirror.

Muralitharan    is   already Sri  Lanka's    most  prolific  test
wicket-taker with 78 wickets at 30.71 apiece in 21 matches.

The ICC  files also include  video footage of the spinner, filmed
from different   angles which were  sent  to the ICC,  the game's
ruling body, after  Sri Lanka's tour  of  New Zealand early  this
year where they won their first overseas test, the reports said.

The Sri  Lankans   have  already  brushed   aside  doubts   about
Muralitharan's action. Tour manager  Duleep Mendis was  quoted as
saying  late on Tuesday  that he was  not concerned about any ICC

"He has played  all over the world  before  different umpires and
there  was no problem, so  I don't think at  this stage we should
discuss it," he was    quoted as saying  in the   Sydney  Morning

Mendis  said  there  had  been  no   discussion  with  him  about
Muralitharan since his side arrived in  Australia last month. Sri
Lanka have already    played  two first-class  matches    against
Queensland and Tasmania ahead of the Perth test.

"At this stage,  I don't think we  should worry too much," Mendis

The  match referee is  empowered  to report  back  to the  ICC on
issues such as "bowlers with suspect actions" but the decision to
call an illegal delivery rests with the umpires.

The Sri   Lankans, who beat  Pakistan  in a  three-test series in
October, play three  tests against the  Australians as  well as a
triangular one-day tournament which also includes West Indies.

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