Why India always will be a mediocre team..

Why India always will be a mediocre team..

Post by Nikhil Sha » Sat, 25 Aug 2001 06:03:13

Hello everyone,

For selection of players in India, it is a lose-lose situation,
the quota system was introduced to prevent the clinging of
players, so if the quota systems previals, we will never have
a trio of fast bowlers like Harvinder, Khan and Agarkar,
since Khan an Agarkar are from the same zone. If the
clinging theory prevails then we have players which are
not suppose to be in the team.

So the selection process in India is a tussle between the
clinging of players from the same zone or the breakdown
based on the quota system. This results in a constant change
of players and captains and both clinging and quota cannot
co-exist, which results in a mediocre team always never at
the top 1-2 bracket inspite of the talent we have.