Sri Lankans and No-ball Problem - old

Sri Lankans and No-ball Problem - old

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Sri Lanka work on no-ball problems during rest day

Sri Lanka's bowlers spent a couple  of  hours  working  on  their
severe no-ball problems on Friday, the rest-day of their inaugur-
al test match against Zimbabwe.

Before bad light, and then rain, brought a premature close to the
third day's play at Harare Sports Club on Thursday, the three Sri
Lanka seam  bowlers  had  contributed  30  no-balls  as  Zimbabwe
reached 172 for two in response to Sri Lanka's 383.

Manager Ranjit Fernando said the team were happy with the way the
practice  went,  but  added: ''It was disappointing that Pramodya
Wickremasinghe was unable to work out because of an ankle  strain
he picked up in the last session yesterday (Thursday).  He bowled
the most number of no-balls yesterday (15)."

Fernando put the no-ball  problem  down  to  two  factors:  ''Our
bowlers  haven't  bowled a lot of overs between them recently and
the practice nets we used at Harare  Sports  Club  didn't  really
permit  our  bowlers  to  bowl  at full pace. When they ran in at
speed during the test, they were then overstepping. But  I  think
we've resolved much of the problem now.''

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UMass, Oct 17, 1994