** Ind-NZ 1-day live telecast !! **

** Ind-NZ 1-day live telecast !! **

Post by Manish S Prab » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 05:34:38

  *********************  PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY  **************************

 Hi everybody,

    We are trying to get the last 1-day game between India and NZ on April 2nd
(Friday 5:30 pm till after midnight Columbus time) telecast live at the Varsity
club on Lane Ave.

    The manager has asked for a flat amount of $250.00. (The cable company is
charging Varsity club $250.) Since this amount has to be paid in advance we
are expecting that (hopefullly) around 50 people pool in the money before the
game. This way it comes to around $5.00 each (just a buck more than watching a
new movie !! ).

    This is a quick poll prior to actual cash-collection. So reply *FAST* at
this email address. We will go ahead with the plan if about 50 people show
interest. Just send me mail with "YES" in the subject line if you would like
to be a part of it all. I will wait till afternoon tomorrow and post the
subsequent plans on this newsgroup again.

    For more information call Himanshu at 262-9205 (any time today) or me at
291-3631 after 8 pm today.

    Come on cricket lovers, SRT is in great form !!!

    Waiting for your mails,


P.S. ***** please spread the word around *****