LIVE cricket commentary on #cricket

LIVE cricket commentary on #cricket

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****************     Live cricket commentary on IRC     ****************

Internet Relay Chat #cricket brings live cricket action closer to you

Enjoy live cricket commentary of One Day, Test, First Class and Domestic
games played the world over. The LIVE commentary is often given by two
three people simultaneously, each adding their own colour to the game.

Please have a look at the ball by ball commentary logs and highlights of
the old matches at:

Anyone who has access to TV/Radio commentary of an ongoing match, can
commentary on #cricket such is the spirit of the channel. Follow or even
questions during live interviews with famous cricket personalities.

Join us directly from the web by simply clicking the link from:

If you cannot connect to or to
a particular mirror of #cricket, please try another mirror
from the following list: - (NY - USA) - (Atlanta - USA) - (Ohio - USA) - (Rockville - USA) - (NY - USA) - (Houston - USA) - (California - USA)

You can also contribute to #cricket:

- If you have a computer with good internet connection and some disk
and want to host a mirror for the #cricket homepage, please send a mail

- If you have a computer with good internet connection (at least T1) and
want to make the machine a part of #cricket network, please send a mail

- If you have access to TV/Radio commentary of cricket matches, and want

- If you want to work for #cricket website or contribute to #cricket any

This is an entirely volunteer run non-commercial service, in affiliation
CricInfo and Starlink IRC network, the cricket channel offers a wide
of topics to discuss and friendly people to chat with.

The cricket channel, formerly on IRC Undernet and EFnet is now hosted on
the Starlink Network -

To chat during commentary type: /join #crickettalk
Or to get domestic games' commentary type: /join #cricket2

LIVE events you can enjoy on #cricket in the next 3 days:

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1 Dec 1999        00:00 GMT          Victoria v Western Australia

The schedule has been partially taken from CricInfo.
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