Picks Contest - Win big prizes free at the French Open

Picks Contest - Win big prizes free at the French Open

Post by PlayUmbrell » Fri, 26 May 2000 04:00:00

Announcing the French Open Picks Contest

PlayUmbrella.com is a site that allows users to create and maintain
leagues and ladders for several sports, all free. To promote the site,
PlayUmbrella is running a contest for the upcoming French Open
tournament. Registration for this contest is totally free.

Enter for your chance to win one of eight (8) tennis rackets (including
Titanium models by Gamma, Head, Prince, and Wilson), plus other prizes.
Registration is absolutely FREE!

Simply select your players, visit http://playumbrella.com and fill up an
entry form.

Pick the top 8 players in both the men's and ladies competitions at the
2000 French Open. The top 7 entries received that are closest to the
tournament's actual results will receive a free tennis racket. An
additional tennis racket will be given out through a random draw among
all entries received. Winners will be notified by June 10. Delivery of
prizes is free in the US and Canada.

Entry deadline: May 28.

That's right, it's totally free, and you won't be added to any mailing
lists, you won't receive any junk mail. All you need to do is visit
http://playumbrella.com. This is a promotion of PlayUmbrella for you to
get to know the site and what it offers. Rackets are provided by Olympic
Sports Shop.


About PlayUmbrella.com

PlayUmbrella is a non-profit community organization that provides
several free services for the sports enthusiast:

- Setup your own customizable league or ladder, for any sport. Your
players or team captains submit results and PlayUmbrella takes care of
rankings and standings.
- Match Locator tool to help players find opponents and matches
- Create and update your own tournament draw sheets (coming up soon)
- And much more...

Both leagues and ladder formats are supported, with fully customizable
parameters. Additional formats and new features are also being added.

Please visit http://playumbrella.com