Brief report on Ind vs IndA vs IndB

Brief report on Ind vs IndA vs IndB

Post by Manas Mand » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 12:47:27

Just got some info from our man boori (on IRC) from Bangkok. He's
watching the tournament on Star.

Ind bt IndA in the 1st game. Brief scores were posted on rsc.  IndA
214/7 (50o) lost to Ind 218/4 (47.1o). boori mentioned that a certain
Sachin Tendulkar hit 30+ runs off the first 3 overs from a certain
Paras Mhambrey at the start of India's innings. Oh yes, let me remind
everyone that Utpal took 2-35.

Here's what boori said about IndB vs Ind.
<boori> india b scored 219
<boori> dighe   b`vaidya   5
<boori> joglekar  c`t`kar b`s`nath     31
<boori> i left at the end of 33overs i think ind.srs woould have won easily
<boori> and in reply; tendulkar scored 84 of 55 balls ; 14  4`s and 2 6`s
<boori> 180/3

boori also went on to add the following gems:
<boori> bupinder singh got hit by a s`nath bouncer; actually faulty technique on his part
<boori> ankola; bowled sachin all ends up; no ball!!!
<boori> ankola is sre for asia cup i think; and kambli is surely out
<boori> dravid is techically better to the present kambli;
<boori> he scored 50 runs before he was runout;
<boori> for ind, a
<boori> utpal bowls sensibly and doesnt give runs but doesnt spin a lot; he is good for one dayers
<boori> kambli; is afraid of short pitch deliveries from everyone; he looks out of sorts

Guess it seems to indicate that:
1) Dravid is a better bet than Kambli for OD
2) Utpal is one heck of an ODI bowler
3) SRT is a good bat :-) .. maybe he's even become a decent OD opener :-)
[No flames on this one, this line is for HoRoh, Pot, Bad, Azz]
4) Mhambrey has some way to go to be considered worthy of selection
5) Surprisingly, Pot's main man Ankola may again be wearing his cool
sunglasses in Sharjah next month.

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Brief report on Ind vs IndA vs IndB

Post by Sadiq Yus » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 19:29:20

> =
> = > > <boori> ankola is sre for asia cup i think; and kambli is surely out
> = >
> = > YIKES!! UNC?!! sheesh. now sidi will have to ditch paras and go abck
> = > to salil again. poor fellow. must be hard to have to change tyour
> = > loyalties so often..
> =
> = Though I am no great fan of dear Uncle Cola (he's a damn nice person tho' :
> = having seen him and the other contenders bowl over last two days, IMHO, if

>   Ok the mandatory "my impressions"...

> . Tendulkar  should  be  banned from playing domestic cricket (atleast
>   that  would  give  equal  chances  to  other  Ranji teams too - IMO,
>   Tendulkar is the only difference)

        That statement's a tad strong, dont you think ? :-) Though,
actually, I *like* the fact that Tendulkar is playing the domestics -
for once the bowlers will have to play a truly world-class bat ripping
into them before they actually get to international level. It will test
and toughen them, and is a far better indication than playing weak
domestic teams (if you recall, thats the argument some of us had used
against Prasad ages ago, before he made his international debut. That he
had taken wickets for one season at Ranji level and had 1 good Duleep
inning, but that he had gone wicketless v/s Sri Lanka in the Board Pres
XI as well as in 45 or so overs v/s Bombay - ie he *might* not take
*that* many wickets at the absolutely top level - and events have pretty
much borne that out so far).

> . Tendulkar  said  Paras  Mhambrey  to be in the threshold of breaking
>   into  bigtime  earlier. He really did lot of damage to that claim by
>   smashing  Paras  for  43 runs in first 4 overs (Btw, does Paras wear
>   glasses ?)

        Does he ? He didnt in the 2 games I saw him in this winter,
though dont know if he was wearing contacts :-) Iam not that upset with
SRT hitting Paras either - it will probably do him good :-) Any final
figures for this game, BTW ? Did Paras come back off this early
hammering in his next spell, or did he go to pieces ? (he's never been
hit like this in his career thus far, I dont think).

> . Venkatesh  Prasad  bowled well considering the mood Tendu was in (he
>   had  conceded 39 runs in first 8 overs) and had Tendulkar dropped by
>   Manjrekar (a tough chance to his left) and Prabhakar snicking...

        Hmm. Did he bowl to SRT as much as Paras did, in terms of balls?

> . Paras  bowled  a  bouncer at Kambli and had kambli in panic. The fun
>   was  the  ball did not come up to waist lever and had Kambli ducking
>   and  weaving.  (On  the  cue, against, Ind B, Ajay sharma brought in
>   Atul  Wassan  when Kambli came in). Kambli was definitely rattled by
>   Paras's  bouncer  and  looked to bad-mouth Paras who just turned and
>   walked.

> . Kambli  was  suspect  against  any  bouncer. He hooked Robin Singh's
>   bouncer  straight  to Mazumdar who dropped it (an easy chance). Amol
>   would  not  have endeared himself with Azhar (who was sitting in the
>   sidelines with a book) with that dropped catch.

        That's bad. Amol is usually a pretty good fielder, saw him take
a couple decent catches at slip and silly point in the 2 games this
winter. And one totally awesome running-and-diving catch in the
outfield, except he wasnt sure that was a catch (and we in the crowd
felt it wasnt, that it had bounced before he grasped it while lying
twisted around on the ground).

> . Ok,  now  the  contentious  issue. More and more I see of Dravid, he
>   seems  to  be  a better batsman. Has style and class and good on the
>   off. He seems to be technically better too. Its sad that he got in a
>   mix-up  with Amol and got run out (Amol's call and I think the blame
>   is  on  both  the  bat, since they operated in start-stop mode !!!).
>   Could not see much of Amol anyways.

        Not contentious at all, Gau :-) Dravid always looks good - saw
about 3 full innings of his in the SAARC this season (ball by ball), and
he always looked attractive. The point of contention is only this -
after watching those 3 innings, as well as watching all the domestic
highlights early this season, I *still* would most definately not pick
him over Manjrekar, thats all. Doesnt make Dravid a bad bat (I wouldnt
pick Jadeja over Manjrekar either, and Jadeja is often in the Indian ODI
XI :-). BTW, read up some newspapers (TOI and some Hindu), GRV was asked
about Dravid and why he didnt go to NZ. He said he had gotten a few runs
vs England A, but that he needed to get big scores if he wanted to get
into the national side (he hadnt passed 60 in that series).
        As for Amol, I expect him to do poorly in these games - if he is
to do OK in ODIs, he has to come #3 (and he's #5 here). He just isnt
that much of an ODI player, he needs to build an inning, more of a
stayer, a test bat. Besides, I'd much rather they didnt toss Amol into
ODIs right away anyway.

> . Srinath  was  deadly  in  the match against Ind B. Worked up quite a
>   pace  and  bounce  and could *sustain* throughout the first spell of
>   5-6 overs. (Pls note the word "sustain"). Bhup Singh (jr) was really
>   stupid  to  try and hook (pull) the ball that was almost good length
>   and  rising.  Did  he think Srinath was Prabhakar ? (pace-wise). Got
>   hit on the nose and might miss the Ranji finals (looked more serious
>   after the hit)

        How did Bhup look other than this, BTW ? Solid ? I hope he does
play the Ranji finals - if he comes thru vs Kuru, Ank and Paras, he will
be pretty high up in contention.

> . Ankola  was  a revelation...for just the first two overs...He strove
>   so much for pace and venom in the first two overs that after that he
>   was  not much of a danger and Tendu had the measure of him. One over
>   from  him  was  good.  He bowled tendu of a no-ball (sadly) but Ravi
>   Shastri mercilessly said that did not count since he over-stepped !!
>   But  the  problem  is Ankola could not *sustain* the pace and he was
>   dripping with sweat and tapered off.

        Can I get in at least *one* "I told you so" ? :-) I've always
felt Ankola was good, of course, but no one ever suggested he was
Srinath, did they ? I've always felt (even after watching Prasad bowl
better than I'd ever seen him, in the SAARC this year) that Ankola was
definately the 3rd best seamer in the country, that's *all* thats ever
been suggested. I still think he *should* be there ahead of Prasad (and
behind Srinath and Pkar), but I still would be surprised if he's in the
squad to Sharjah - I just have a gut feeling that it wont happen. Not
that I'd mind if it did :-)

> . Nilesh Kulkarni - Hmmm...nothing much to say. I would say there were
>   two  better  left  arm  bowlers  in  the  tournament  so far - Utpal
>   Chatterjee and Raju (in that order).

        No surprise at all, Raju and Chatterjee (I'd reverse your order,
Gau :-) are definately better spinners at the moment. There is only one
reason Nilesh Kulkarni is in the B squad (other than the terrific debut
season, of course :-) - Raju is about 27 years old now, Utpal Chatterjee
is 32 years old, and Nilesh Kulkarni is 20 years old. Utpal is clearly
2nd best spinner and so is in the A side. But when your 2nd spinner is
older than the #1 spinner, you'd better start grooming a young spinner
at least in the B squad - which is what they're doing. It's a bit of an
investement in the future.

> . This  is  no  bias  - of the young bats who scored - Vikram Rathore,
>   Dravid and Saurav Ganguly, definitely Dravid was impressive than the
>   two. Rathore seemed to be a good fielder at covers too. Dravid seems
>   to be a safe outfielder - He got the Kambli skier (off Utpal).

        Nope, no bias at all - Dravid is easily the most impressive
looking bat of the three. Rathore looks downright unimpressive - he
plays the balls on the stumps OK, but flails mightily at anything
outside off without any feet movement at all (I belive the Telegraph
reporter said it seemed like his feet were rooted in cement). However,
Rathore has *scored*, that's one thing one has to say about him. He got
a 90 and a ton v/s England A - the 2 highest scores from the Indian side
in the series - and he topped the Indian averages ahead of both Dravid
and Amol. In a way he's a bit like Siddhu - not the most solid looking
bat, but very gritty and he gets runs.

>   Currently my 14 would be:

>   Tendu,  Prabhakar,  Sidhu,  Azhar,  Kambli,  Jadeja, Aashish Kapoor,
>   Mongia, Kumble, Srinath, Ankola, Venkatesh Prasad, Utpal and Raju.

>   Or they might drop Raju for another batsman (manjrekar or dravid).

        They'd better drop one spinner - there are 4 in your squad :-)
I'd personally drop Utpal, not Raju - Raju has more international
experience anyway, and is younger (and, IMHO, better).

>   Kambli will go to Sharjah on reputation (IMO).

        Very unfair, Gau. Kambli *topped* the Indian averages in the
Centenary Trophy in NZ just a couple weeks ago.
        BTW, interesting little snippet.
        Kambli topped the Indian averages in NZ Centenary Trophy.
        He topped the averages in the 3 nation (india, nz, wi)
        He topped the averages in the tourney is SL.
        He topped the averages in Sharjah last time around.
        He was 2nd in averages (I think) in the Hero Cup.

        Reputation ? He's going to Sharjah because he's been India's
best ODI bat bar none in ODI tournaments for about 2 years. And in that
time he's scored vs WI, RSA, Australia etc (even if he did have trouble
with a Paras bouncer, it doesnt detract from his record :-)

>   Jadeja has done nothing wrong to be dropped.

        I suppose so, though Manj did play ahead of him for the 3rd OD
in NZ.

>   Ankola definitely bowled better than Vaidya to get in.
>   Venkatesh Prasad has done nothing wrong to be dropped.

        Ank *should* be in, of course :-) But actually, I think, they
see Vaidya as ahead of Prasad now, after the NZ tour, so lets see.
Vaidya hasnt done that much wrong either, only 1 international game so

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>   Today's match between A and B will


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Brief report on Ind vs IndA vs IndB

Post by Barath Sunda » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 15:38:18

>> Kambli topped the Indian averages in ....

True, but that is partly ascribed to the number of not outs he had..

He wasn't in for many *bIg* or fast innings. My impression is he chipped in with many useful scores, but hardly was a destroyer of bowling.

IMO, Kambli & all the rest of the Indian bats barring SRT & to some extent Sidhu
 are very brittle. (no contradiction here)