Robin vs Jadeja - Attn: Rakesh Gupta

Robin vs Jadeja - Attn: Rakesh Gupta

Post by A.M.Narayan » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

: > why not kick robin rounder singh out? what has he done to deserve a place
: > in the team?  he is neither a good bowler nor a good batsman...i guess
: > that makes him an allrounder.  and how can a person field well who walks
: > like an elephant!!!!!!!!

: I am no fan of Robin but since you raised the question, here are
: their batting records in the past 15 matches. I won't go into
: their bowling as Pepsi has already placed Robin at the 10th position
: and no other indian bowler is above him. Jadeja has as we know stopped
: bowling and is a specialist batsman.

: Name        M     I    NO      Runs     Balls     Avg     Strike Rate

: Jadeja     15    13     1       329      450      27.42     73.11

: Robin      15    14     2       353      383      29.42     92.17

: btw, you missed the word "all" between robin and rounder.

: Cheers,

While I appreciate ur efforts in putting the stats I feel thatt Mr. Gupta
is not going to change is biased opinion even though facts are clearly
opposite of what he believes or wants to believe
Does it require rocket scientist to see that 353 of 383 balls is much
better and 329 of 450 balls ?

I also think that Robin has done better than Ganguly for the past 10-15
matches. Besides that Robin has got more wkts than Jadeja has got in his
much longer career.

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Robin vs Jadeja - Attn: Rakesh Gupta

Post by Ravi Krishn » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00


>Name        M     I    NO      Runs     Balls     Avg     Strike Rate

>Jadeja     15    13     1       329      450      27.42     73.11

>Robin      15    14     2       353      383      29.42     92.17

Now you too started resorting to stats to back your claims.