LOL! Rajagopal kicks rkusenet's arse

LOL! Rajagopal kicks rkusenet's arse

Post by Ram Jaa » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 03:53:03

Subject: Re: Swinging yorkers of Agarkar  
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 11:32:45 -0600  



>>>Aggy has surprised even me with his outswinging
>>>yorkers in this tournament. The yorker with which
>>>he got Gilly out today was a beauty. The pacy yorker
>>>uprooted the stumps with Gilly stranded at the crease.
>>>In fact, he used to bowl like this early in his
>>>international career but for some reason(maybe injury)
>>>had stopped bowling these deliveries for the past 3
>>>years. Now he seems to have rediscovered it.

>>er go back n see the replay, it was a slower ball., fuller in length,
>>ofcourse but  not a 'Pacy' yorker by any stretch of hero worship
>>imagination..! good slower ball, full in length. hit Gilly pads and
>>went to stumps.

> doesn't matter whether it was 'pacy' or 'slowy'. he is not going to
> get either once he plays test cricket. that's the beauty of
> test cricket. it just puts worthless players in their proper place.

Aggy maybe a ***bowler and might not be a favorite of many fans but
this seemingly deep rooted hatred you have for him isn't really
endearing you to any one. You probably don't care what any one else
thinks. So you probably won't mind this one either. FOAD.

> warm regards.

> rk-


ROTFLMAO, keep them coming, dude!!!