WC: Slow over rates

WC: Slow over rates

Post by Paul Baldwi » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I seem to remember reading somewhere that in the WC the team that bowls
first has to bowl its 50 overs within a time limit - 3 1/2 hours I think.
If they only bowl 48 overs in the limit, say, then this total is noted
and the final overs are bowled.

When the team bats it has to get the total runs scored by the team batting
first but are only allowed the 48 overs to get them.

Can anybody confirm if this is right or just something my deranged mind
has brought up?

What happens if the team bowling second doesn't get their overs in - how
are they penalised? I hope it is something silly like the rain reduced
formula in the last WC. Watching S Africa having to score 22 off one ball
still makes me laugh.

Cheers in advance.

Paul Baldwin
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