Ex-cricketers blame umpiring, poor batting for India's defeat

Ex-cricketers blame umpiring, poor batting for India's defeat

Post by Shariq A. Tar » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 01:55:56

Interestingly Polly Umrigar thinks that Sachin Tendulkar was plumb LBW
in first innings....


MUMBAI: Former test stars Dilip Sardesai and Sandeep Patil on Thursday
blamed "sub-standard umpiring" and poor batting by the Indians for
their shocking nine-wicket loss to their archrivals Pakistan at Lahore
on Thursday.

Former middle order batsman Sardesai told PTI here that "Umpiring was
bad but I was disappointed with India's batting performance. They
(Indian batsmen) did not bat to their potential and were too over
confident which caused their down fall.

"None of the Indian batsmen were willing to stay at the wicket. They
should understand that just winning one test match in a series is not
good enough as the Pakistanis have the knack of coming back strongly
when pushed against the wall", he added.

"The Pakistanis did that in the one-day series. After losing the first
match at Karachi, they came back strongly to win the next two and the
Indians should have been more professional and planned things out even
before the second test match," Sardesai said.

Patil, who has coached the Indian team for a short while, said, "There
is no doubt that umpiring was substandard. I think it is time for the
International Cricket Council (ICC) to interfere and ask the umpires
to refer all close decisions to the third umpire.

"There is lot at stake when two Asian giants like India and Pakistan
clash, including the reputation of the players. I think ICC should
take up such cases and atleast on "trial basis" referee close
decisions to the third umpire," he added.

Blaming too much of one-day cricket for the way Indians batted,
Sardesai, said, "Batting is supposed to be our strength but our
batsmen played too many shots even before settling down. They should
be clear in their mind that they are not playing a one-day game but a
five-day test match.

"On fast wickets against quick bowlers, the batsmen should try and
stay at the wicket till the bowlers are worn out before going for
their shots but our batsmen, particularly V V S Laxman went for their
shots too early and the acting captain Rahul Dravid was run out
needlessly," he added.

Former India skipper Polly Umrigar said, "The Indian batsmen,
including Sachin Tendulkar, should curb playing one day shots in a
test match".

"In the first innings Sachin tried to flick a ball pitched on the off
stump to the fine leg boundary and was plumb in front of the wicket.
This is not the first time he is getting out this way but still
persists with that shot," he said.

"Agreed one-day cricket has improved the standard of fielding and
running between the wickets but unfortunately it has also ruined test
cricket as the matches are over by the third or fourth day itself like
the second test at Lahore got over within three and a half days,"
Umrigar said.

"I think it is now time for the Indian think-tank to sit down and
chalk out a plan so that their batters give a better performance in
the third and final test at Rawalpindi (April 13) and bat responsibly
and not over confidently," he added.


Ex-cricketers blame umpiring, poor batting for India's defeat

Post by Spaceman Spif » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 02:15:03

> Interestingly Polly Umrigar thinks that Sachin Tendulkar was plumb LBW
> in first innings....

imho it was a close decision, but not unreasonable.

stay cool,
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