current world XI

current world XI

Post by SODHANI,DHR » Mon, 28 May 1990 04:41:00

Hello netters, here's my contribution for the current world XI team-

        1.Geoff Marsh
        2.Graham Gooch
        3.Sanjay Manjrekar
        4.Javed Miandad
        5.Alan Lamb
        6.Imran Khan (c)
        7.Richard Hadlee
        8.Kiran More (wk)
        9.Wasim Akram
        10.Courtney Walsh
        11.Maninder Singh

        I'm sure 99.99% of the netters disagree with me. BUT, it's my
opinion, after all!
        (YES! I know that Maninder Singh is not even in the India XI,
        but I think it's more because of the bunch of jokers than
        anything else)
        Some hard choices--Martin Crowe, David Boon, Viv Richards,
        Azhar, Vengsarkar, Tendulkar (!),Ramiz Raja...


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current world XI

Post by Y. Chandramou » Mon, 28 May 1990 14:04:14

>    1.Geoff Marsh
>    2.Graham Gooch
>    3.Sanjay Manjrekar
>    4.Javed Miandad
>    5.Alan Lamb
>    6.Imran Khan (c)
>    7.Richard Hadlee
>    8.Kiran More (wk)
>    9.Wasim Akram
>    10.Courtney Walsh
>    11.Maninder Singh

>    Some hard choices--Martin Crowe, David Boon, Viv Richards,
>    Azhar, Vengsarkar, Tendulkar (!),Ramiz Raja...

How about a this world XI ?

1.  Desmond Haynes
2.  Graham Gooch
3.  Martin Crowe
4.  Dilip Vengsarkar
5.  Javed Mianded
6.  Alan Border (vc)
7.  Imran Khan (c)
8.  P. J. Dujon
9.  Richard Hadlee
10. Courtney Walsh
11. Abdul Qadir

Desmond Haynes is probably the best opening batsman rightnow in the world since
Gavaskar has retired and Greenidge is past his prime. The batting of Martin
Crowe has frequently been compared to Greg Chappel. Dilip Vengsarkar, Javed
Mianded and Alan Border : I think that these three should have the three best
batting averages and the maximum number of centuries in this team. Imran and
Hadlee to open the bowling and Walsh will be the one change. Qadir and Border
can handle the spin bowling department quite well.