Miandad and Ravi Krishna ETC ETC....

Miandad and Ravi Krishna ETC ETC....

Post by Haseeb Mal » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,
Well please cut the BULLSHIT OUT. Today after about 2 weeks I had the
misfortune of visiting rsc and this is absolutely ridiculous. It seems
that the whole newsgroup has been hijacked by a non -issue. Everyone has
a right to their opinion but the more you talk to someone the more this
goes outta hand. If someone is sooooooooooooooooo full of it (and it
certainly aint brains but RATHER SHIT) then let it be. If you debate it
just gets out of your hands. The thing is that lively debate is a godd
thing some time but to go on on on on on on and on about some issue like
this one is beyond the realm of understanding. So I think that there is
no need to make this a India_Pakistan issue. Anyway this group is for the
discussion of cricket and so lets keep it at that. Cricket is a game of
the gentlemen and lets keep our discussions like that as well. If there
is someone who wants to express an opinion let him BUT please dnt respond
Thanx in Advance
hoping that the better team always win..............


Miandad and Ravi Krishna ETC ETC....

Post by Krishn » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Just a few thots about this thread.

a. Mr ravi Krishna from what i could gather from the thread never reviled Javed Maindad in any way except by using stats.

b. Stats can be used by either side ( i mean pro and anti Maindad supporters and NOT Indians and Pakistanis as made out by quite a number of chappies).

c. Why a discussion based on 'stats" has to degenerate into a "you-talk-anything-about-my-country's-batsman-andyou-are-insulting-my-country-you-damn-twit".

Just keep the discussion to cricket guys,

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Hmmm... I have nothing profound to add here like so many of my comrades seem to have.:-)