Glenn McGrath column - LOL!

Glenn McGrath column - LOL!

Post by samarth harish sha » Sat, 17 Mar 2001 07:34:15

From Glenn McGrath's column for Rediff

Harbhajan got a promotion from his employees Indian Airlines after his
remarkable hat trick in the first innings. After his effort in the second
innings we reckon he would have got another promotion and might even be
flying us all the way to Chennai!

We have been told this before, but this is the first real shred of
evidence I have that Glenn McGrath has an *awesome* sense of humor. So
far, his column has been run-of-the-mill, really. Nothing out of the
ordinary. Then, suddenly, this comes right out of the blue! This
particular article has been the best of the lot so far because he talks in
detail about a couple of opposition players and also discusses something
as private as selectorial decisions in the Aussie team!