Time to say goodbye to Ganguly and make Laxman Captain of the Indian team

Time to say goodbye to Ganguly and make Laxman Captain of the Indian team

Post by squarek » Sat, 30 Oct 2004 17:36:14

Selfish, greedy and racist ganguly and his greedy mentor fellow
bengali dalmiya have been running Indian cricket like their personal
fiefdom for a few years now.


1) Ganguly chickened out of nagpur test like a *** with fake
injuries on seeing the green pitch, and has been a consistent failure
in test matches as a batsman with the occasional exception.

2) Gangulys test record WINS are INFLATED by 5 wins (33%) out of 15
against minnows zimbabwe which shows Ganguly is the MOST OVERRATED
captain despite having the most talented team ever in the history of
indian cricket.

3) Gangulys WIN-LOSS record as captain is MEDIOCRE based on the
infinite amount of support he got from professionals John Wright,
Bruce Reid, Andrew Leipus, Greg King, Greg Chappell, Wasim Akram,
Psychiatrist Sandy Gordon and always getting THE TEAM HE WANTED unlike
Gavaskar, Kapil, Azhar and Tendulkar.

4) Gangulys WIN-LOSS record as captain is also MEDIOCRE based on the
fact Gangulys team NEVER had to face the top quality teams of Lloyds
and Richards WI teams or Imrans and Wasims pukistan teams or Goochs
Eng teams or Hansie's SA team with Allan Donald in peak form and he
NEVER HAD TO FACE Marshalls, Holdings, Garners, Crofts, Ambroses,
Walshs, Imrans, Allan Donalds, Hadlees etc. He could not even win the
series in WI with TRUNDLERS Dillons, Cuffys, Collins etc despite
having a MUCH MORE TALENTED INDIAN TEAM at his disposal compared to
Wadekars, Bedis, Gavaskars, Azhars, Kapils and Tendulkars.

5) Ganguly is WAAAY OVER RATED as a great talent picker by the stupid
indian media and indian fans citing his constant support of and
success of Harby and Sehwag while completely IGNORING his musical
chair games with SS Das, Wasim Jaffer, Deep Dasgupta, Sanjay Bangar,
Sunil Joshi, Murali Karthik, Ramesh Pawar, Bahutule, Nilesh Kulkarni,
Vijay Dahiya, Saba Karim, Akash Chopra, Dinesh Mongia, Yuvraj Singh,
Gautam Gambhir, Samir Dighe, Amay Khurasia, Avishkar Salvi, Sarandeep
Singh, Ajay Ratra and plenty more discards.

6) Nobody in the team including Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman, Wright
likes Ganguly except Harby, Sehwag and Zaheer. Tendulkar even recently
ridiculed ganguly publicly that its no big deal to win tests in
australia as capatain when the team scores 600+ consistenly which was

7) NO CAPTAIN worth their salt would have CHASTISED a player like
with TRADITIONAL RIVAL pukistan in a OD series like this MORON GANGULY
did in England recently and DESTROYED Laxman's confidence, when in
reality the RUN OUT FAULTS are with Ganguly who it is a WELL KNOWN
FACT most of the indian team members DREAD to be on the other side of
the wicket while ganguly is batting.

8) Ganguly is ABSOLUTELY RACIST against South Indian players and he
OBSITINATELY supports north indian players at the EXPENSE of Indian
team. Case in point is Parthiv Patel who wouldnt even make a Ranji
team with his current wicket keeping ability but got 18 ***ING TESTS
to prove his mettle with ZERO IMPROVEMENT in two years while others
like Dinesh Karthik suffers for no reason.

9) SELFISH ganguly PROMOTED himself ahead of Laxman in the VERY FIRST
MATCH after a long lay off in Srilanka ASIA CUP against UAE to INFLATE
his CAREER AVERAGE against minnow teams even though Laxman scored a
century and won MOM in the FIFTH ODI SERIES CLINCHER in Lahore agianst
pukistan in April 2004 and NONE of the sycophantic MEDIA or the fans

10) SELFISH and GREEDY Ganguly PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED he wants to be the
Indian captain for 2007 WORLD CUP in WI and NONE of the sycophantic
media or fans BASHED Gangulys intentions even though Ganguly won JUST
ONE OD series out of 15 or 16 OD series (PATHETIC RECORD) he

11) SELFISH and GREEDY Ganguly PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED he wants to be the
COACH of Indian team in the future and NONE of the sycopantic media or
fans BASHED Ganguly for his GREEDINESS and the way Ganguly and Dalmiya
have been running BCCI like their PERSONAL FIEFDOM.

12) Ganguly FAILED MISERABLY to REGROUP and MOTIVATE the indian team
when India toured NZ and lost 0-2 in tests and 2-5 in ODIs just before

13) Ganguly FAILED MISERABLY to REGROUP and MOTIVATE the indian team
during the last three OD turnaments Asia Cup, Videocon Cup and

14) Ganguly SHAMELESSLY PROMOTED Mohammad Kaif in tests with a
TALENTED Sriram, Venugopal Rao and others with averages OVER 50.0 in
the domestics.

15) MONEY and POWER have become the HIGHEST PRIORITY for Ganguly right
now over Indian wins and that means IT IS TIME to ruthlessly KICK OUT
ganguly "RIIIIIIGHT NOW" and rebuild the team for future.

Laxmans failure in this Aus series is MORE MENTAL than any form
failure. The Aussies WORKED on Laxman and Dravids MINDS "EXCLUSIVELY"
even before the SERIES started in the form of McGrath & Co constantly
and "CALCULATEDLY" PRAISING Laxman to the SKY (to DISRUPT laxmans
FOCUS) with his comments about how Laxman scores 4s of Warne against
the spin of his deliveries bowled outside the leg stump in the
midwicket area etc and the AUSSIE PLAN worked LIKE A CHARM with Warne
getting Laxman thrice. On any other day, Laxman would have easily
defended or smashed the long hop from warne in nagpur for a four.

Laxman was in regal touch in bangalore first innings when he scored 31
but Warne and aussies succeeded in MANIPULATING and SEEDING
psychological DOUBTS in laxmans and dravids minds and the rest is

COACH Wright and Gavaskar FAILED to tell laxman and dravid to
completely flush out the VIRUS aussies planted in their MINDS before
the series started.

My team for India to rebuild for Tests and WC2007.

Dheeraj Jadhav or Sriram (if willing to open)
Laxman (Captain)
Kaif or Sriram or Venu Rao (good competetion)
Dinesh Karthik (first) and Dhoni (Second)
Kumble, Harby or Murali Karthik (two in form for 8 and 9)
Zaheer, Irfan, Balaji, Nehra, Amit Bhandari (two in form for 10 and

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Time to say goodbye to Ganguly and make Laxman Captain of the Indian team

Post by Thom » Sun, 31 Oct 2004 04:01:38

Ganguly bashing seems to be the norm nowadays that the indian team is
managing to lose consistently. But you have got to give credit to the
man. Some say that many of his victories were against the weaker
teams. But then we india played these teams under previous captains.
He has played a role in bringing up Harbhajan and Sewhag. but the
criticism that he has wrecked the chances of a few other players does
have some merit in that a few players did miss out. But that happens.
who do you drop from the current team. except the obvious parthiv
Having laxman as captain may not be very good idea because he is
inconsistent for one reason, not that ganguly is consistent. Then with
senior players like tendulkar and dravid around (both have captained
India) it could lead to an uneasy situation for everyone concerned.