Weekly FAQ - CricInfo via Email

Weekly FAQ - CricInfo via Email

Post by The Cricket Information Databa » Wed, 15 Dec 1993 17:11:08

Date-stamped : 13 Dec93 - 04:33
Brief Help File on MailServer:

The first CricInfo MailServer came on-line on Dec13th  1993. It's
very  rudimentary  and  will  only  download files or list direc-
tories. It checks the subject line  of  incoming messages   only.
Messages  are  then deleted here, but your message is returned to
you appended onto the mailserver output.

At present, there is no load limiting on the mail-server, and  we
are still running on the aged Sun 3/50 of numbered days :-0    --
i.e. it would be quite possible to completely overload this comp-
uter if too many mailserver requests come in,  resulting in  ???.
So, please use the mailserver interface to CricInfo *ONLY* if you
*HAVE* to because you are not  on  the internet  and *cannot* use
either gopher  or irc  interfaces. The mailserver interface works
on the same principle as the irc Bot -the same file-name matching
is performed.

the Subject should be your request (e.g.,  Subject:  aus  eng  t6
1993). Do not put /msg cricinfo in the subject line :-)

You can put anything you like in the body of the message,  it  is
completely ignored.

For other mail (submissions,  communications  to  the  managers)
please continue to mail us at :

Thanks. We hope you find this service useful and will  contribute
some time towards it :-)

<END> Contributed by CP for The Management