Group A and Group B analogies

Group A and Group B analogies

Post by Sanjeev Kuma » Wed, 02 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Strange coincidence that the teams that made into S6 have done it
in a similar (Well, Almost)  fashion. The analogy is:

   Pak  (8) - SA  (8)
   Aus  (6) - Ind (6)
   Zim  (6) - NZ  (6)
   WI   (6) - Eng (6)
   Ban  (4) - SL  (4)
   Scot (0) - Ken (0)

Pak and SA winning all the matches against best teams, lose their last
match. I guess they both believed in the law of averages and they
must've thought losing in the prelims would prevent the law being
affective in the S6 round. While SA made a boo boo, Pak surely would've
made more than just $3,000 in the Bang match.

Aus and Ind just barely managed to make it to S6. They had to win
their last matches to make it. They even made #2 in their groups after
winning 'em.

Zim and NZ won their last matches and in turn eliminated Eng and WI
respectively. Their wins affected the other team being eliminated.
They also have more points to carry to S6 than teams that are placed
above them (Alright, Alright, NZ is not so against Pak, but they
definitely have more than Aus who are placed above them).

Bang and SL won their last, as somebody in CI put it,  alleged
cricket matches and went home on a winning note. Difference being
Banglas go home heroes, and SLans don't.

Scots and Kenyans go home without a win, but with a lot of cricketing
experience. I feel they should play against each other once and
atleast one of them can go home with a WIN! I feel Kenyans would
beat Scots at it.

Sanjeev (Continuing to follow World cup merely because India is still
         in it).