Investigators stunned by assets of Indian players

Investigators stunned by assets of Indian players

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1 Billion worth of assets?. Thats incredible. How did they get that
kind of money. CBI should release these finding asap unlike the coverup
from last inquiry.


NEW DELHI, May 12: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) sleuths,
looking into the cricket match-fixing scam, were stunned by the size of
the assets held by many members of Indian team players and officials
associated with the game.

One of the sleuths, involved in the preliminary inquiry, told The Asian
Age that none of the players they were looking at has less than Rs 1
billion worth of assets.

A CBI crack team under a special director of the agency is conducting
two probes - one into match fixing aspect and the other (initiated
after facts tumbled out of Doordarshan files and first reported by the
paper) about discrepancies in the award of television rights for
cricketing events in 1998 and during the last World Cup.

The probe into the "big fix" announced by sports Minister Sukhdev singh
Dhinsa in the Parliament has made substantial strides in the
preliminary inquiry stage itself. A case may be registered soon.

In the television right scam, work has just begun.

Senior officials of the cricketing world and serving IAS officers and
Doordarshan top brass many be questioned in this connection soon.

The CBI has questioned a number of cricket personalities, including
past captains of the national team in the probe.

Investigating a former skipper who hails from north India, the CBI has
pegged the preliminary assessment of his worth at over Rs two billion.
This player has diversified into various businesses after retiring from

The CBI has framed a 10-year "check period" for the match fixing scam
inquiry. Thus assets acquired over the past decade are being taken into
account. The rags-to-riches saga is mind boggling.

"Only a few of them seem to come clean," the sleuth commented.

He added that these preliminary estimates are restricted to the known
assets of the cricketing personalities held in India and do not include
possible investments abroad in offshore locations such as British
*** Islands, Mauritius or the Cayman Islands.-APP

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