Lets hear from the real SPORTS Fans. YOU

Lets hear from the real SPORTS Fans. YOU

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1) The Strict Science of Overrating By Geoff French
2) A Tribute to Dan Marino By Matthew Brill
3) Sportsworld Thanksgiving By Rick Kelly
4) Beating the Card Sharks By Kristen Stanton
5) Rivalry Saturday By Danny Powell

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Modest Proposals
By Geoff French                         Wednesday, December 03, 1997

The Strict Science of Overrating

"Few people realize what a delicate business overrating is. You can't
just go around overrating everyone. I mean what if we overrated an Ivy
League team? We would look ridiculous!"

Only a few college football teams really earn their national ranking,
and after that, the job is left to professional overraters. This week,
I was able to speak with Yazer McXerxes Director for College Football
Overrating and I was given an in-depth look at how the polls are
calculated. "The first thing you have to ask yourself," according to
Dr. McXerxes, is "Does this team deserve to be overrated?" For example,
Notre Dame is overrated year after year. This year they will likely go
to a bowl game even though they have a 7-5 record and barely beat the
University of Hawaii Rainbows, needing a last second field goal to take
the lead. But as the Director pointed out, Notre Dame deserves to be
overrated; their history gives them instant credibility and their
marketability makes them a popular commodity to anyone sponsoring a bowl

It becomes more difficult as...

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Hockey Fanatics Anonymous
By Matthew Brill                        Wednesday, December 03, 1997

A Tribute to Dan Marino

I sat in my easychair recently one afternoon, eager for a great football
showdown between the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots. Okay, I'll
be honest with you, I wanted the Patriots to put a hurting on them: a
real laugher your proverbial blowout.

What I saw was something that I have seen often before. Very often. Too
often for any New Englander, such as I, to bear, to witness ever again.
Just another day for Dan Marino.
Early, the story of the game was...

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Kelly's Confidences
By Rick Kelly                           Tuesday, December 02, 1997

Sportsworld Thanksgiving

In the sports world there are some things we can give thanks for. Here
is a listing:

        - This is probably Dennis Rodman's last year
        - This is Phil Jackson's last year - no more listening to
                his obnoxious comments
        - There is only one Dennis Rodman
        - The excellence of Michael Jordan
        - The moves of Barry Sanders
        - The end of the ridiculous argument about who is a better
                running back, Barry or Emmitt
        - The enthusiasm of Brett Favre

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On Center Ice
By Kristen Stanton                      Monday, December 01, 1997

Beating the Card Sharks Winning at Collecting

If you are a sports fan who is into collecting cards or you know
somebody who is you had better learn the dealers' "tells" before you
got to a show, or you could get eaten alive by these card sharks.

The first sign of a dealer who may try to rip you off is the price
marked on the card. Most dealers mark the price somewhere within Beckett
list price, but a lot of them don't keep up with the changing market

Rule Number One: Take the newest Beckett you own. The monetary value
                assigned to a card is only a guideline. The prices
                tend to fluctuate depending upon how that player is
                doing. If you do not have a Beckett, ask the dealer
                what the list price is

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Rim Shots                              
By Danny Powell                         Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Rivalry Saturday

I must admit that this past Saturday I had a whale of a time watching
college football. Don't get me wrong, I didn't sit glued to the set the
entire day but I did catch portions of most of the big games of the day
(one I didn't get to see though, more on that later). College football
rivalries to me are the most singly important, bitterly contested
sporting events on the planet. You see, in these games, you only get one
shot until next year, and the fate of an entire state can rest on your
shoulders. Well, maybe it's not that earth-shattering, but the rivalries
that played themselves out this past Saturday were certainly
entertaining to the college football fan.


I will not soon forget the camera shot of Alabama's Ed Scissum crying
after fumbling at the end of the ball game, a fumble which...

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