Kambli and the English Media

Kambli and the English Media

Post by Satish K..R. Bommared » Mon, 22 Mar 1993 04:52:51


>  I read in a newspaper (don't remember if it was the
>  Times of India or that of England :) that Gavaskar had given some advice
>  to Kambli when the latter was 179 or so (basically, at stumps) during the

        >Rumor mill has it that gavaskar deliberately gave kambli wrong

>advice so that kambli will not break his record as highest scorer for
>india. Any comments



>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                            >Satya Mallya

                This is absolute garbage...the line about gavaskars advice to
kambli..... i am not a great fan of gavaskar but i am sure ...he dosnt
believe in getting that low for just a record he had held for about 9 years..

and that from a man who has the world record(if i am right) for holding
highest no of records in cricket........

        Even if the advice had come kambli i think after showing such
maturity would be foolish enough not to see the danger.....

        This is just bad luck for kambli to miss the record two times in
a row ...but i consider it india's fortune for they have found yet another
prodigy who has shown promise to hold the side together along with tendulkar

they both have a long way to go..
and i am sure every indian wishes it too.....

that was great work KAMBLI......keep it up...



Kambli and the English Media

Post by Rajesh Ram » Mon, 22 Mar 1993 05:09:18

        It think he meant it all in jest.

        Rajesh Raman