Lara gone!!! Lara gone!!!Lara gone!!!

Lara gone!!! Lara gone!!!Lara gone!!!

Post by j sreedh » Fri, 07 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Prem (Fri Mar 7 03:24:41 1997 )

Six more overs for close of play today, and
Prasad will bowl over number 85 to Hooper.
Interestingly, ever since Prasad had that fever
during the second TEst versus RSA, I haven't
seen him bowl as well as he did before. More to
the point, he hasn't got that leg cutter, the one
pitched on off and leaving the right hander late,
working at all. Look at the record, and you will
find that while before that he got most of his
wickets with that ball, after the second Test he
hasn't got a single wicket with that delivery.
Indicative, again, of how close Prasad is to a
breakdown. Another loose delivery, again
Hooper takes the aerial route and gets four over
point. Next ball, strokes it in front of him, runs
with the shot and WI 289/3.

Prem (Fri Mar 7 03:29:20 1997 )

Kuruvilla continuing, bowling a tight line to Lara
and keeping him honest, WI on 290/3 and, as
Holding says, this is an impressive performance
for a man playing his first international match.
Outside leg stump - actually, wide outside leg
stump - Lara apparently lost his concentration,
waved at it and a faint edge taken well by
Mongia diving to his right. Windies 290/4 and the
breakthrough India needed to get back in the
game, Lara gone for 83 off 141 and K'Villa gets
another one.