Captained two national teams....

Captained two national teams....

Post by vigne.. » Thu, 26 Nov 1992 04:09:32

Name a cricket player who captained two national cricket teams?

None of the test playing team captains could fit in.

If I remeber right, Ceylonese (now Sri Lanka) and Malaysian
national teams were captained by Sathasivam [initilals VA?].

Sathasivam was  an explosive cricketter.  He held some long
lasted records in the Gopalan trophy games.  Goplan  Trophy
games were  played between Ceylon (and Sri Lankan) team and
Tamil Nadu State Cricket Association team.  

Indian cricket commentators discussed about the batting dis-
play of Duleep Mendis as a youngster in those Gopalan games
after he scored twin centuries (105 and 105) against  India
at Madras.

UMass, Nov 24