ATTENTION: Organisers of TV showing of World Cup

ATTENTION: Organisers of TV showing of World Cup

Post by KS.. » Wed, 18 Mar 1992 00:23:29

         Now that World Cup is coming to a finish, we have to look for the next
series of matches. Pakistan's tour of England would be the next series and will
be telivised in England and we might be able to get the one day games here on
satellite if we work from now and are willing to pay a similar amount that most
of us are paying to watch the finals of World Cup. I would start contacting BBC
if we do have a probability of raing enough money to cover satellite cost and
the rights. To survey this I request ALL persons who are arranging the showing
of the World Cup semis anf finals at University Campuses etc to inform me:

     1. the number of persons who are watching the games at each place. Be
exact as far as possible from 'ticket' sales etc.

     2. I am going to post a Survey form later. Please pass this to
the viewers and ask them to fill it up and collate the results and send me
the information.

         If there is any probability of raising enough money, I will contact
BBC and check the feasibilty of getting the games on satellite. They will be in
the clear and anybody should be able to watch it.

         I welcome any comments.

ps. I am not forgetting SA's tour of WI. If the games are televised in South
Africa, there is an even chance that they will be on a satellite here in the
clear anyway.

K. Sankara Rao