[Scorecard] Wills Final: Wills XI v Bengal, 5 Nov 1995

[Scorecard] Wills Final: Wills XI v Bengal, 5 Nov 1995

Post by Sadiq Yus » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00


>CricInfo writes:
>> Wills XI outplays Bengal in final - G. Viswanath
>>  ...
>> A crowd in the surplus of 6000 ...

>Just 6000? Would've expected the Wills Final, with Tendulkar on song, to
>draw in around 20 or so.

        Ah, gone are those days, unfortunately. Domestic games just dont
draw in India anymore. I still recall going to the India Youth vs
England A game (and that had Cork, Ramprakash etc - at least it *was* an
international side) - that game had maybe a hundred or so spectators
tops, at its best moments.

>> After the match Tendulkar, said  he  was  disappointed  that   he
>> failed  to  make another century. ``But then I played a rash shot
>> and got out. That`s the way I played at Rajkot and Ahmedabad.  It
>> happens. But I was very much impressed with Manjrekar`s knock. He
>> is a very good No. 3 batsman in Tests and one-dayers.  He   paces
>> his  game  nicely... and gradually accelerates. Obviously Praveen
>> (Amre) was the pick of our team today. He played really well. And
>> also Rahul Dravid who batted extremely well in the end overs.``

>     Why the plug for Manjrekar? Unless Prabhakar is dropped, SVM is not
>going to play at No. 3 for India in an ODI; likely he won't play at all.
>And he seems to have lost his Test place, too. Is this the nefarious
>Bombay mafia at work, trying to justify retaining Manjrekar? Also, what's
>this "gradually accelerates" stuff? This report goes on to talk about the
>5 fours Manjrekar hit in the 24th over of the innings.

        The last ODI innings Manjrekar played was against Pakistan in
Sharjah. He came in with India at 36/4, and put on about 90 with Siddhu.
He scored a 50, Siddhu scored a 50, and India were all out for about
160. Until the first test v/s NZ, I'd think Manjrekar was considered a
certainty in the ODI side anyway. They played him at #6 - not a position
he's suited for,but they *did* play him.
        As for praise - he did get 3 50s in his 3 innings in this
tournament, most of them fairly rapidly ie about a run a ball or so. At
least, none of them were *slow* :-) And for the "gradual acceleration" -
he might have meant hitting only after getting the eye in. Remember,
Manjrekar ended up 51 off 48 balls, and 20 came off 5 balls towards the
end. Thus, he must have been about 31 off 43 or so balls, before really
accelerating, at least in this innings.

>     Amre came good on a big occasion. I trust the > 6,000 crowd included
>the 5 selectors and Ajit Wadekar, but probably not Azhar. Another century
>or two in domestic cricket, and he could be back in serious contention.

        I hope so, but I still dont know. I'll believe it when I see it

>> The target set by  Wills  XI,   the   highest   in   17   finals,
>> prescribed a hectic pace in the first 15 overs and clever batting
>> in the middle overs, but Bengal did not really put its heart   in
>> the  match.  Said  Tendulkar, ``I agree it was a big score. But I
>> don`t think they really tried to make a match of it.  It  was   a
>> good  batting track. Well, Sairaj (Bahutule) and Venkatramana got
>> appreciable turn and bounce, but I still  feel that  the   Bengal
>> batsman  did  not  try  hard  enough. Saurav played a compact in-
>> nings.``

>    That's unfortunate. Takes some of the gloss off Saurav's century.
>From all we've seen of Tendulkar as captain of Bombay, he's the sort of
>person who expects players to strive their hardest all the while. And
>after the Prabhakar-Mongia vs the West Indies last year, the selectors
>are also going to be a little leery of players not trying enough.

        Happened a lot in this tournament,though :-) When Hyderabad lost
to the Wills XI, VVSL made 62*. But he was not out at the end, as
Hyderabad lost by about a 100 runs. There too, presumably, the batsmen
just put their heads down and played out time ie, didnt really try to
make the runs :-)

                Sadiq [ BTW, Australia 80/0 as I speak ] Yusuf

Sadiq Yusuf