Post by Asim Husa » Mon, 23 Mar 1992 07:56:54


>    Congratulations to Pakistani team to win in the semis. They are
>really good team and can play well under pressure.
>    But I believe that England will be too much for them. England is in
>all the semi-finals of WC and two finals of WC. They deserve a victory.

>    Manoj Saxena

        No Mr. Saxena, nothing can now stop Pakistan from winning the
world cup. Not even England could have given such an awesome performance
against New Zealand having already lost to Kiwis in the lead-up game by
7 wickets. Not only England but the whole cricket world is amazed at
Pakistan's outstanding performance against New Zealand. New Zealand were
sure about entering the final when Pakistan had to score a daunting 130+ in
just 17 overs at an impossible run rate of 8+. But that man Inziman. He came to
bat to snatch victory from the Kiwis. No Kiwi bowler could stop the onslaught
he started. And what a clean hitting it was! Without a blemish. The only
way the Kiwis could get him out was getting him run out. Inziman's
knock reminded me of Malik's at Calcutta and Mujtaba's at Perth. It was
an outstanding fightback by the Pakis. Every player contributed --
Aaqib and Mushtaq provided the initial breakthrough. Rameez, Imran and
Miandad provided the foundation for the onslaught in the final stages.
And Inziman and Moin finished it in style.

        The Kiwis couldn't believe what had happened.They had
tears in their eyes as they were walking towards the pavillion. I feel
sorry for them but obviously one of the teams had to win. The Kiwis
must have thought that they had lost a golden opportunity of winning
the world cup similar to the last world cup where Pakistan blew their
best chance. So it is true that "history repeats itself". As one placard
during the match read, "Dream on Imran", yes Imran, it was a dream
come true and now is your chance to grab the opportunity.
The entire nation is praying for Pakistan's victory in the
final. Yes, the Pakis are capable of doing the unthinkable.
They did it in Nehru cup; they did it in Sharjah cup and they can do it
now. Yes, they deserve to be the world champions. Immy and company,
you have done the nation proud.

Long Live Pakistan      Shabash Inziman

-- Asim Husain