how agarkar saves on toilet paper cost

how agarkar saves on toilet paper cost

Post by Realis » Sun, 31 Dec 2000 03:42:31

Exactly a year back, this was posted by the toilet paper of Agarkar.
Now that Aggy is sucking royally, he changed his tune to
"aggy-is-still-improving-and-let-us-give-him-more-time" crap.

U can't claim Aggy as the #1 bowler of india in Dec 1999 and
claim as am improving rookee a year later. Indeed justice was
served to racists elements like Shridhar/Shantanu in Y2K.

Subject: Ajit Agarkar - India's main pace bowler?
Date: 12/29/1999

The last two Test matches have given enough indication that
Ajit Agarkar is learning fast and is close enough to
producing to his potential which people and his fans always
had faith in him for. Two 5-wkt hauls in only the 2nd and
3rd test matches of his career with batsmen like Steve
Waugh, Mark Waugh and Gilchrist under his belt atleast
twice. And mind you these Tests were played on not-so-bouncy/
pacy pitches unlike the Aus tour 8 years ago where Srinath
making his debut could harldly scalp a few wickets here and
there. This Aus tour also signifies the end of the 90s decade,
an era of Karnataka speedwagons. The 90s decade
produced mainly the fast-medium type of bowlers in India
heralded by Javagal Srinath but the pace bowlers could never
help the Indian team win overseas. One main weakness found
was their inability to finish the tail, and also their
non-aggressive atttitude in general. Now, a new decade is
starting with Ajit Agarkar starting a new trend of
wicket-taking aggresive pace bowling. Hope he is the answer to
what India needs ie. winning Test matches abroad through sheer
wicket-taking ability, this period generally ended with Kapil's
exit. Two tours- Aus in 1980-81 and Eng in 1986 being shining
examples. The Karnataka  pacers were good in one-day bowling
but simply failed to take wickets when needed most in test matches.
Srinath will probably last another 2-3 years but i think these
are the last days of Prasad in International Cricket. Then there are
some hopefuls like Kumaran and other promising young ones in India
namely Amit Bhandari, Zaheer Khan, Sachin Nair, Harvinder Singh
(who is currently in oblivion anyway but has age by his side) etc.

Hope Agarkar combines with support from the experienced Srinath and
takes India into the new era where India will win overseas
(outside the subcontinent) matches, a drought which has lasted for 14
tortorous years.

Hereby hoping for the best and welcoming the new main pace bowler of
India-- AJIT AGGRESSIVE AGARKAR.(Aggy-sorry for changing your middle name :)

"East or West Aggy is the best"