Cheap mock Tudor mansion fake

Cheap mock Tudor mansion fake

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Andrew Flintoff's mansion plans demolished
By Nick Britten
Last Updated: 2:57am BST 10/04/2008

Andrew Flintoff, the England cricketer, has been forced to withdraw
plans to build a five-floor house in a Cheshire village after fierce
complaints from neighbours.

The all-rounder has become the latest victim of the backlash against
sports stars who knock down existing houses and replace them with
larger homes adorned with swimming pools, gymnasiums and cinemas.

Andrew Flintoff: withdrew plans

He aimed to build a property far larger than the two-storey house he
bought from Mark Hughes, the Blackburn Rovers manager, for about 1.85
million last year and then demolished.

The plans include provision for two storeys below ground to house two
swimming pools, a gym, sauna, cinema, bar, snooker and pool rooms and
changing rooms.

On the ground floor, Mr Flintoff and his wife, Rachael, wanted a large
kitchen and breakfast room, a drawing room, study and dining room;
while the second and third storeys would have contained six bedrooms,
all ensuite.

However, the height of the new building, its imposing nature and the
effect it would have on the area were unacceptable to neighbours in
Mottram St Andrew, near Macclesfield, who lodged objections with

The previous house was set back from the road and barely visible
behind hedges. However, the vegetation has all gone and the Flintoffs'
proposed home, which included a detached garage, would have dominated
its plot.

Among the objectors was the Flintoffs' neighbour, Norman Braithwaite,
who argued against the plans on the basis of its size, visual impact
on the area and because it was "very environmentally unfriendly".

He said: "Is there enough water available in the road to service all
the swimming pool complexes being built in Withinlee Road?"

He said that despite being on green belt land and the council's policy
to preserve the local environment, the change seemed "relentless".

"Our concern is that Withinlee Road has suffered from a continued and
steady change in character over the last few years; the houses now
dominate their plots and there is a lack of greenery."

The large houses springing up in the area were "damaging the
community", he said.

Cllr Paul Findlow, from Cheshire county council, said he supported the
complaints because the character of the road was being "remorselessly

A spokesman for Macclesfield borough council said planners felt the
roof of the proposed building was too high and the plans

The Flintoffs have now withdrawn their application and are likely to
present a scaled-down proposition.

There have been complaints recently in neighbouring villages such as
Alderley Edge that the culture and history of the area have been
severely blighted by footballers in particular, who demolish existing
properties to build far larger ones.

Mr Flintoff was not available for comment.