I am NOT "Mr. Spam-Man"!

I am NOT "Mr. Spam-Man"!

Post by Walru » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00

A few of my posts have recently gone to these newsgroups with my nick
being "Mr. Spam-Man".  I just wish to reiterate that this is NOT me!  My
flatmate's warped sense of humour has struck again.  He's the one who
changed my alias.  Anyway, those posts were made by me, just that the name
was wrong.

Apologies for the cross-post...


"Look at that - it's a Cyclops!!"
"Can't be - it's got two eyes!"
"Well, it must be a Bicyclops then!"
                - from the animated film "Yellow Submarine", 1968.