Cricket Tour To Go Ahead

Cricket Tour To Go Ahead

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>From The Press November 07, 1996

Cricket Tour To Go Ahead

New Zealand Cricket is going ahead with its Pakistan tour later
this month despite the political upheaval following the sacking
of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

NZC chief executive Christopher Doig received an assurance
yesterday from his Pakistani counterpart, Majid Khan, that there
was no *** or unrest in, the streets following her
dismissal, for a second time, earlier this week just days before
the team's visit.

NZC decided to check the political climate in Pakistan with the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently and their information
indicated no concern.

"Then Chris talked to Majid after the Bhutto situation and he
said there was nothing to worry about," said NZC general manager
Tim Murdoch.

"Life was going on as usual. We understand there are no problems
with the airports or telecommunications, but we will keep an eye
on things," he said.

Murdoch said it is not unusual for sporting groups to check with
the Ministry on the political stability of some countries.

New Zealand once aborted a tour of Sri Lanka in 1986-87 after a
bomb blast while the tour in 1991-92 of the same country was
severely disrupted when a bomb went off and five players returned

New Zealand is scheduled to play two test matches at Lahore and
Rawalpindi and three one-day internationals against Pakistan at
Gurjanwala, Sialkot and Karachi.

The tour begins with a three-day match at Multan.

Bhutto is under house arrest in Islamabad and her husband has
been arrested after allegations of corruption and nepotism.

Bhutto remains a virtual prisoner in her official Islamabad
residence, but has been allowed to meet colleagues and take
telephone calls.

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