Over-Rated Xi vs the Under-Rated Xi

Over-Rated Xi vs the Under-Rated Xi

Post by Harish Chandramou » Wed, 29 Mar 1995 03:41:07

Ok, haven't seen an under-rated XI as yet, and taking into account
that the Shield Final is currently under progress (or have Queensland
already wiped out SoA ? :-), one can forgive Josh for slacking off :-)
An over-rated Xi has been included as well,if not for anything else, but for
me to continue with my insistence that Brian Lara must be the world's
most over-rated player today...*grin*

In both categories, two players stand out head and shoulders above anyone
else (in my opinion) - Aravinda De Silva for the underrated xi [although
Chanderpaul comes close], and Ian salisbury for the overrated Xi (did anyone
else think that the grouping together of Salisbury and Mushtaq along with
Warne/Kumble was pretty hilarious too ?)

The Under-Rated Xi              vs              The Over-Rated Xi
------------------                              ------------------

1.  B. Young                                    1. N. Sidhu
2.  S. Chanderpaul (no choice :-)               2. P. Simmons                  3.  G. Thorpe                                   3. V. Kambli
4.  D. Cullinan                                 4. G. Hick
5.  A. De Silva                                 5. I. U. Haq
6.  S. Waugh                                    6. S. Fleming (Geoff :-)
7.  A. Parore                                   7. S. Rhodes
8.  B. Mcmillan                                 8. I. Salisbury
9.  C. Walsh                                    9. M. Ahmed
10. V. Raju                                    10. A. Donald
11. D. Morrison                                11. A. Javed (way way way)

12th man: G. Kirsten                           M. Azharuddin.
Reserves: B. Mcmillan                          C. Matthews
          F. Devilliers (not by those of       S. Warne (to an extent)
                        us who've seen him



Over-Rated Xi vs the Under-Rated Xi

Post by Anand Gup » Mon, 03 Apr 1995 05:00:00

The Over-Rated Xi

Sidhu ?
Azhar ?
Inzamam ?

You're kidding right ? Or maybe high on something..........