Kapil, the highest wicket taker in one day's

Kapil, the highest wicket taker in one day's

Post by Muqtada Husa » Thu, 29 Nov 1990 05:27:21

>in response to someone who wanted to verify about the highest wicket
>taker in one day internationals, Kapil Dev is infact the highest wicket
>taker.  he has more than 100 wickets to his credit.
>from a cricket fanatic

   Again from back of my raw memory, I remember that Holding had the record
of 146 wickets in one-dayers, which Kapil broke long ago(I don't remember when)
Also I have no idea of Kapil's wicket tally in one-dayers now (which is at least

   Could any body post the exact wicket tally of Kapil, Marshal, Ravi Shastry,
and Imran in one dayers(they must be the top 4 in currently playing cricketers)?

   A Kapil fan.

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