Mr.Salman Azhar, again

Mr.Salman Azhar, again

Post by Slowhand Shanka » Sat, 25 Dec 1993 07:09:14

That's it, its the limit, allowing a self-opinionated bigot like Salman
Azhar to  post on this net. I'm quitting this newsgroup for now, maybe
somebody will be kind enough to tell me when this guy has been shut down
after being warned by sysadmins or something. I don't have to put up with
this crap, I'll just get my cricket info somewhere else. Beyond a point,
I don't care about his flame wars with folks on this net, but he's gotten
to the point where he's unnecessarily trying to bring down the INdian team.
And almost all his postings are snide, sneering ones, which just tells everyonee about the true nature of this person. The current INdian team mediocre ??
Then how come we didnt look so beatable by a mediocre side like Zimbabwe
like some current "world champs" are looking right now ?? How come when Inda
loses a match, its "mediocre", but when Pak looks shaky throughout a series
and comes close to losing two tests to the worst side in the world, it is
merely "taking things too lightly" ?? And all through one sees an absolute
refusal on this person's part to accept any Indian player as of any worth;
at least guys like Shariq and others are balanced in their opinions and can
acknowledge talent where it exists. But all this guy can go on doing is
accusing others of bigotry while he is the biggest one himself :)

I was wondering initially about why the other Pakistanis on this net were
defending his postings, but in recent conversations with some Pakistanis
on irc, etc, I find out that many of them think "he's gone nuts. just
ignore that fool". Unquote. Well, I unfortunately, can't just ignore him
while being an active participant on rsc, so I'll just quit.

Thanks to the Kid, Shash, Gautham, jna, shariq, etc for some interesting
postings. As I said, if he quits , call me back :)



Mr.Salman Azhar, again

Post by Salman Azh » Tue, 28 Dec 1993 03:47:13

>Thanks to the Kid, Shash, Gautham, jna, shariq, etc for some interesting
>postings. As I said, if he quits , call me back :)
>                              Slowmind

           Slow mind, please come back! :) :) Don't wait a long time for
me!!!! :)


PS: Some of the statement you attribute to me, are simply not true. :)


"Pakistan are  refusing to tour  India later this year after death
threats by a militant right-wing Hindu party." - AFP and Muthu