Three WKs in an ODI side, all with a stumping

Three WKs in an ODI side, all with a stumping

Post by Aslam Siddiqu » Sun, 18 Sep 2011 05:19:11

In response to a question, at least three wicketkeepers have appeared
together for one side in a Limited-overs International match many
times. Here is list of instances where each had at least one prior
stumping dismissal to his credit. Only the first match in which the
three appeared together is given. The wicketkeeper in the listed match
is listed first.

Qualification all three wicketkeepers made stumping before the
listed match

Aus v Eng  Lords            May 25, 1997
IA Healy/AC Gilchrist/JL Langer

Ind v SAf  Cape Town         Nov 11, 2006
MS Dhoni/RS Dravid/KD Karthik

Ken v Ire  Dublin            Jul  9, 2009
MA Ouma/DO Obuya/KO Obuya

SL  v Eng  Leeds             Jul  1, 2011
KC Sangakkara/LD Chandimal/TM Dilshan

Zim v BD   Harare            Aug 12, 2011
T Taibu/F Mutizwa/BRM Taylor

Ind v Eng  Chester-le-Street Sep  9, 2011
MS Dhoni/RS Dravid/PA Patel