Sehwag is as Sehwag does

Sehwag is as Sehwag does

Post by Suresh K » Fri, 06 Jan 2012 12:44:45

Sehwag is gone. Taken at Gully by Warner. As Ganguly puts it, "similar
to his Melbourne dismissal, loose shot once again, not enough
elevation to clear the field and the Aussies set a field for him and
he went for it."  And RJS "the Australians bowling to a plan and the
plan coming off."

Dear dear. I am shocked. How so very unlike Sehwag.  I was really
looking forward to another triple century from him. A match saving 300
against quality seamers is what I would have expected from Sehwag in
these conditions. He's always been a stand a deliver kind of guy in
these conditions. I am shattered (as are my predictions).

He really is out-of-sorts on this tour.