Srinath to act in David Dhawan movie

Srinath to act in David Dhawan movie

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Latest news doing the rounds of Bollywood is that Javagal
Srinath, the best Indian quick bowler, is going to star
in the next David Dhawan flick. David Dhawan is one of
the most popular directors of Bollywood known to churn
hit after hit. "Srinath will star as the Hero of the
movie" Dhawan confirmed. When asked why Srinath was
chosen over his favourite hero Govinda, Dhawan said
that Govind was getting stale in his movies. People
needed a fresh face, so i thought Srinath would fit in
best in Govinda's place because of his natural flair
in doing comedy. He added that Srinath had around 10
years of solid experience in doing comedy in between the
wickets and if the whole nation can laugh at his comedy
of errors in running between the wickets, a smaller percentage
of Bollywood fans(excluding the hard core Tamil language
fanatics who don't like to see Hindi movies) will surely
be able to laugh at his antics in the movies. Srinath's runout
scenes are thousand times funnier than the repetetive Govinda
antics which are getting boring now. He also said that since
Srinath was a natural kallu(blackie), there was no need for a
side actor-comedian like Johnny Lever in the movie and thus
Srinath can prove to be cost-effective for my movies which
are released almost every other month. Moreover, Srinath will
have a strong appeal among Bonda Bosads (Southie Tattis) and
that was an added advantage. David also said that he was planning
a movie with Srinath and Prasad as Heroes, a la Deewana-Mastana.
He also enacted the promo of a scene in the movie:

Srinath: Accha to tum wahi lallu insaan ho jo 1997 mein
ek wide ball mein daud kar run out hue they jab bharat ko jeetne ke liye sirf ek run ki zarrorat thi.

Prasad: Aur tum to wahi Charlie Chaplin ki aulad ho na jo 1992
world cup mein be wajah runout hue aur kutte ke mafiq pavilion
laut kar aaye they jab subroto bannerjee bharat ko jeet ki
choti par le ja raha tha.

Some of the promos of other scenes in his future movies are:

"In a crucial time of the match between India and another country,
Srinath bowls a ball so short pitched and the next thing we
see is the ball hitting the glasses of car of the parking lot;
Srinath shouts a few expletives to his teammates for no fault of
theirs and goes back to his runup with his tounge wagging and his
nose twitching and his head down with his face having a morose
look about it"

"Srinath is fielding at deep fineleg and lets a straight ball
go between his legs to the boundary; Srinath does a few antics
with his hand pointed to the bowler which is totally incomprehensible
and after 2 minutes disappears into the dressing room. Later it is
told that Srinath was just too fatigued to field the ball"

"Srinath's batting partner hits the ball straight to the fielder but
Srinath runs for reasons completely beyond the understanding of a
normal human being and his partner has to run forcibly and gets run
out. Srinath plainly stares at his partner and gives the look of a
kutta(dog) and his partner goes back to the pavilion frustrated. Later
it is known that the other batsman has been dropped from the next match
citing his poor score and 2 months later it is known that the batsman
has retired from cricket altogether due to utter loss in morale because
of his playing career gone downhill after the needless runout for no
fault of his"

David Dhawan has also opened up a website and is asking for ideas from his "close" cricket followers, mainly those "special" fans of Srinath who love to watch him run between the wickets so that his next few movies starring Srinath can all be super-duper hits. Also, David Dhawan has announced that as an
incentive to come to the movie halls to see his movies, udipi bondas
specially made by Srinath's downtown bonda restaurant in Bangalore will be
served to all the people with tickets to the movie as seeing the movie after
eating a bonda will give people the extra energy to laugh during Srinath's
antics in the movie since they would have lost their brains the moment
they had a Bonda and will be in the same wavelength as Srinath during the

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