Who is Mark Ramprakash?

Who is Mark Ramprakash?

Post by Ajai Baner » Thu, 06 Jun 1991 08:03:20

                                Who is Mark Ramprakash?

  A question for our British friends. We see that someone by the name of Mark
Ramprakash is now in the England team. Any idea if this person was born in
England or India? Possibly he is the first Englishman of Indian origin to
represent England in cricket in recent years. The only other example is
Raman Subba Row, whose father was Indian and mother English. He was
born in England.
  Last year, the team included N.Hussain who, as far as I know, was
born in India. Other people of Indian origin who played for England
are Rannjitsinhji, Duleepsinhji and Pataudi senior. However, these
three lived in India most of their lives.
  A strange coincidence is that Ranji, Duleep, Pataudi and Subba Row
all scored centuries in their first tests against Australia. Ranji
and Pataudi in fact scored centuries on their test debuts.
  Conversely, there are quite a few well-known English players
who were born in India-such as Jardine, Cowdrey and Jackman.


Who is Mark Ramprakash?

Post by Sadiq Yus » Fri, 07 Jun 1991 03:48:59

Hi all,
        Can't offer details, and am not a Brit myself, but follow county
cricket a bit. Mark Ramprakash is a Middlesex bat, who is showing great
promise. He toured with the England A team last winter ( Sri Lanka) and did
quite well, getting a couple of hundreds on turning wickets etc.
        BTW, a request to all the Brits out there , can any of you guys
post a synopsis of the county scores sometime ? It IS  pretty hard to get
the info. Also, has the test team been announced ? Is Gower in ? ( Please,
God, let him be in ! ) If he isn't, does anyone want to join me in trashing
the selectors ?
                                           (Gower fan)


Who is Mark Ramprakash?

Post by Sridhar Lakshmanamurt » Fri, 07 Jun 1991 05:42:24

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>This brings ot mind another umpiring question. Last weekend i got
>suckered into umpiring a cricket game in the local A division league.
>The players were pretty well behaved and things went by smoothly.
>One occurence got me thinking though. One of the opening bowlers
>bowled one wide down the leg side and keeper missed it. The ball
>crossed the boundary. Now comes the interesting part. The umpire
>at the other end signalled a wide *plus* 4 byes. I thought this
>was wrong. In my opinion, he should've signalled 4 wides. I didn't
>create a fuss, but the question still remained. So, what do you
>think, O great cricket pundits of the net? Am i right or am i right?

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This is a fairly common occurence in one day matches and it is
always signalled as 4 wides. Signalling it as a wide plus
four byes does not make sense at all.

Sridhar L.