Weekly FAQ - CricInfo via Email

Weekly FAQ - CricInfo via Email

Post by The Cricket Information Databa » Wed, 20 Apr 1994 16:11:04

Date-stamped : 03 Jan94 - 02:42
Help File on The CricInfo MailServer: CricInfo via Email

The first CricInfo MailServer came on-line on Dec13th  1993.   It
checks  the  subject  line  of  incoming messages only.  Messages
are  then deleted here, but your message is returned to  you  ap-
pended onto the mailserver output.

At present, there is no load limiting on the mail-server, and  we
are still running on the aged Sun 3/50 of numbered days :-0    --
i.e. it would be quite possible to completely overload this comp-
uter  if too many mailserver requests come in, resulting in  ???.
So, please use the mailserver interface to CricInfo *ONLY* if you
*HAVE* to because you are not  on  the internet  and *cannot* use
either gopher  or  irc   interfaces.   The  mailserver  interface
works  on  the  same principle as the irc Bot -the same file-name
matching is performed.

the Subject should be your request (e.g.,  Subject:  aus  eng  t6
1993). Do not put /msg cricinfo in the subject line :-)

You can put anything you like in the body of the message,  it  is
completely ignored.

Additional Commands:

1) whereis      - invaluable aid to finding files
Usage: Subject: Whereis aus eng 1993

2) lookup       - Lookup Player Stats.
Usage: Subject: lookup gower david

For other mail (submissions,  communications  to   the  managers)
please continue to mail us at :

Thanks. We hope you find CricInfo  useful  and   will  contribute
some time towards it

NOTE: The mailserver uses the "From :" field of incoming mail  in
order  to determine a reply address. Please ensure that mail sent
to this address from the USA *.edu domain will reach you.    This
is   a  particular  problem  for  *.uk  machines which are not on
the Inter- Net and rely on intermediate relays.   The  mailserver
normally will   respond within 90 secs or so. If you do not get a
reply within a couple of hours, this is either because the   net-
work  is completely  stuffed at that time (check with `ping` (ask
sysop if you don`t know what this is)), or because mail  sent  to
your   reply  address failed  to  reach you.  In the latter case,
try resending your request from a different  address;  preferably
an  address on a central  machine.
Mailserver written by CP
<END> The Management