The Centenary test revisited ...

The Centenary test revisited ...

Post by Greg Widdicom » Fri, 27 Apr 1990 01:25:15

After my posting yesterday about the Centenary test of March '77, I
thought it best to check some cricket books just to make sure of
the facts.  Here is what I found:

Australia 1st Innings:  138 all out.
   Rick McCosker out bowled trying to hook Willis.  The ball came of
   a top edge, smashed into his face breaking his jaw, then dropped
   on to the stumps.

England 1st Innings:  95 all out.
   Lillee 26/6, his best test figures to date (prev best 66/6 vs
   England).  Walker 54/4.  Marsh 4 catches, edges his past Wally
   Grout to become Australia's most successful WK with 188 dismissals.

Australia 2nd Innings: 419 all out.
   Marsh 110 n.o. (first Aussie WK to score 100 vs England), Davis 68,
   Walters 66, Hookes 56.  This was Hookes' debut test and included
   the five consecutive 4's from Greig.  McCosker batted at #10 with
   a broken jaw and scored 25.

England 2nd Innings: 417 all out.
   Derek Randall 174 in his Ashes debut.  This left England 45 runs
   short, exactly the same as in the first of all tests, on the same
   ground, 100 years less two days before.

Man of the Match: Derek Randall.  He beat Lillee (11 wickets) and
   Marsh (as noted above).

Prior to the start of the match both sides were presented and
introduced to the Queen.  When She came to Lillee, he whipped out
a pen and pad and asked for her autograph!  She politely refused
but later sent him a signed photograph.

What else happened in 1977 of note?

Mike Brearley introduced the cricket "helmet".

The cricket world split in two with the announcement of "World
Series Cricket" in May, prompted by media magnate Kerry Packer.

England regained the ashes, thanks to the return of Boycott, after
a three year hiatus.

The Centenary test ... one of the best of all time!

-- Greg Widdicombe -- Up from Down Under --