Test players in County cricket

Test players in County cricket

Post by Aslam Siddiq » Sat, 09 Mar 1996 04:00:00

(Stephen McAuley) writes:
>Subject: [Question] Test players in County cricket?

>Date: Thu, 07 Mar 1996 09:45:02 GMT
>Which British county side was the first to field 11 Test players in a
>single game and in what year?
>Can anyone here help me with this trivia. Please reply through email
>or post to the group...Thanks

 It was Middlesex (v Essex, Lord's, 1981). The team was - Mike Brearley, Paul Downton,
Clive Radley, Mike Gatting, Roland Butcher, Graham Barlow, John Emburey, Phil
Edmonds, Mike Selvey, Jeff Thomson (Aus) and Wayne Daniel (WI).

 I hope this helps.


>Stephen McAuley