Cricket Equipment Dealers in US

Cricket Equipment Dealers in US

Post by Atul Shrivasta » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 04:35:16

Here's two cricket equipment dealers in the US. If there are anymore, I'd
be interested in knowing their whereabouts.

1. CricketUSA Inc.
   President - Dan Ruparel
   4130 East Peakview Circle,
   Littleton, CO 80121
   Phone: 303-290-0053 FAX: 303-290-8469

2. Stuart Sports
   Owner - Stuart McDoogal
   7129 Lincoln Drive
   Philadelphia, PA 19119
   Phone: 215-247-3129 FAX: 215-247-5782

I'd appreciate if you could mention that you got their address via my posting
on the net. (I DO NOT stand to gain in any way or form as well as cannot be
responsible for any difficulties that you may have in dealing with them.)

PS: Bats are typically $150-250. Balls $15-25.