Gopal pisses on Bonda Bosad's face

Gopal pisses on Bonda Bosad's face

Post by Saiba » Wed, 04 Jul 2001 13:56:57

Abdali Saheb, You might have changed your name, but you cannot change history.
Accusation of cowardice against the Marathas in 1761 is a canard without any
basis in fact. Third Panipat was known for Maratha hor*** attacking from
hopeless positions. They kept coming and kept being mowed down.. You are
supposed to have left behind a mountain of skulls both in Delhi and the field
of Panipat. In the same way, niether is Tendulkar a coward as his record can
attest nor is Borde( another Maratha) a coward as his 106 and 96 in the Delhi
Test(his first test series) can attest against the likes of Hall and Gilchrist,
in my view the most feared fast bowling pair of their time. Inconvenient facts
are forgotten by some and never learnt by others, but they remain facts all the

> Chennai test 1999: India 254/6. Just 16 runs needed. "Great" Maratha King
> Tendulkar ran away.

> Chennai test 2001: India 101/2 chasing 155. "Great" mard maratha Tendulkar
> ran away putting india in deep trouble.

> This just shows that running away from battle field has become a speciality
> of Marathas.

> Marhaba Afghanistan