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Mumbai - India's former Test all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar
met Ajit Wadekar last week, it is reliably learnt.

Confirming Prabhakar's visit, Wadekar said "Prabhakar
came to my residence to invite me for a seminar arranged
for launching one of his (Prabhakar's) herbal products
next week."

Prabhakar is also believed to have met Ravi Shastri and
was keen to invite Sunil Gavaskar for the function.
Prabhakar's meeting with Wadekar assumes significance
because he had reported in his earlier statements to have
brought the 'offer' (of Rs. 25 lakhs made by Kapil Dev to
play below par in one of the Singer Cup matches in
Colombo in 1994) to the notice of Wadekar, who was the
manager of the Indian team then.

Since the matter is being investigated by the CBI,
Wadekar, for obvious reasons, preferred to remain away
from controversy. Prabhakar had also met BCCI secretary
Lele last week. Prabhakar is believed to have inquired
about his benevolent fund which the BCCI has not cleared,
and instead, a defamation case of RS. 5 crore has been
filed against Prabhakar.

However, Sports Minister Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa is
believed to have promised him to talk to the Board about
his money. Prabhakar's wife Sandhya from New Delhi said
on phone "there were few calls from the CBI office for
Manoj, but as he is not in the town, could not respond to
the calls."

Prabhakar has been given 'enough' security. "Three
constables with guns and a police van have been provided
for security," said Sandhya. Prabhakars are relieved that
there are no threatening calls. However, for security
reasons, their son Rohan has been sent to a friend's

Wednesday, May 10, 2000
The Deccan Chronicle, via News Plus
Om Shanti

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